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About Paranormal Rescue 

The Paranormal Rescue organisation is driven by a small core team of dedicated paranormal science-based research professionals. These individuals are not blind believers but open-minded sceptics committed to the rigorous pursuit of evidence-based data.


Paranormal Rescue was formed in 2015 by Brian Sterling-Vete, a veteran of over 1,000 investigations with a lifelong passion for solving mysteries. He has also been an inadvertent eyewitness, together with police officers and state officials, to four baffling UAP encounters. Brian has an exercise science background and, therefore, an analytical mind, so he found himself being called in to assist other paranormal investigators and members of the general public to help resolve paranormal phenomena they were out of their depth with; this became the catalyst leading to the formation of the team. He then began recruiting like-minded individuals, each with a unique skill set, and very soon, Paranormal Rescue was born. 

​A curious aspect of our core team makeup is the unintentional 50/50 distribution between British and American members. As part of our science-based quest, our mission is to help individuals and organisations entangled in potentially paranormal issues.

A summary of our identity and modus operandi resonate in an analogy of a real-life fusion akin to Lockwood & Co/Ghostbusters intertwined with the ethos of  Thunderbirds' International Rescue and The Equalizer, all enriched with a dash of Top Gear/Grand Tour Special flair

Paranormal Rescue is dedicated to investigating and researching all reported anomalous phenomena, including the paranormal, Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), mysteries, folklore, and legends that have intrigued humanity for centuries.

Our objective is to either validate or debunk the existence of these phenomena and, if proven real, to embark on a scientific exploration of the new frontiers they present.

When necessary, we consult with an extended team of academic and other specialists, collaborating with partner organisations worldwide to provide our clients with an expanded geographical reach. We also work closely with clergy members, ministers, priests, shamans, individuals from diverse faiths and beliefs, and those with extraordinary abilities that can be utilised professionally.

Due to our core and partner team sizes and financial limitations, we cannot accept all cases presented to us. This means that we only choose the cases that interest us the most. 

Therefore, when potential clients approach us for assistance, we require them to present their case objectively and rationally. This includes providing a detailed account of events and phenomena in chronological order, along with any supporting evidence (Video/Audio/Photographs) they have managed to capture. This thorough approach ensures that we can provide the most accurate assessment of their situation, and if necessary, provide appropriate assistance.

If potential clients are unwilling to invest the time and effort to do this when requesting our assistance, we typically ignore their request.

NOTE: Since we occasionally receive requests for assistance from celebrities and other prominent figures, we always maintain a strict client confidentiality code, so unless a client specifically waives this, their identity is never revealed. 

Any research data gathered by the team increases our overall understanding of the diverse array of anomalous phenomena reported. The collation of information also extends to Project Half-Life, a groundbreaking initiative with the potential to revolutionise our understanding of specific paranormal phenomena.


The Project Half-Life initiative aligns with Professor Brian Cox's argument about ghosts conforming to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. However, our extensive research and collated data also support Brian Sterling-Vete's hypothesis that Ghosts have a limited lifespan before being focused to conform to certain laws of physics; with their quantum material unaffected. Interestingly, there are manifold connections between the UFO/UAP phenomena and paranormal occurrences. 

Paranormal Rescue has garnered significant attention in British and American spheres, as well as in international print, online, and broadcast TV media. Our coverage spans various esteemed outlets, including BBC News, ITV's This Morning Show, Newsweek (USA), The Daily Mail, The Sun, and The Daily Mirror newspapers, Reader's Digest, Chat Magazine, the Beast Seekers TV show's Snapchat (episode 18), and the Hubbard Network (USA), among others.

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