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Paranormal Rescue International

Global Operational Regions/Locations
and Strategic Partners/Teams

Paranormal Rescue presently maintains operations predominantly across two nations: the United Kingdom and the United States/Canada.

In the United Kingdom, our headquarters and primary research hubs are strategically situated in and around Manchester, an optimal geographically central location. Similarly, in North America, our base is positioned near Minneapolis-St. Paul - a geographically central point within the continent and in close proximity to certain partner and associate teams.

While our immediate focus remains on enhancing our core physical operational capabilities, we also aspire to establish partnerships with reputable science-based teams in additional territories/countries. However, presently, these locations mark the extent of our physical reach. Should the need arise, we can only contemplate mounting larger-scale international operations through special arrangements.


Nonetheless, it's noteworthy that certain members of our team of experts possess excellent track records in remote viewings and clearings, having successfully assisted numerous individuals and organisations in resolving profoundly distressing paranormal challenges.

The leadership team at Paranormal Rescue embraces the prospect of forming new alliances with partners characterised by the highest levels of integrity, skill mastery, and expertise. Thus, if you believe that you or your team are prepared to contribute to the foremost international paranormal rescue service, we encourage you to initiate contact with us.

We extend a warm invitation to qualified scientists, current or former members of the clergy, and individuals who possess unique, specific, unconventional, or extraordinary yet relevant skill sets to engage with us. Your expertise and contributions could become of great value to our mission.

TIPS - The International Paranormal Society


The founders of TIPS, Dr Adrian Lee and Heather Morris have worked closely with Paranormal Rescue founders Helen Renée Wuorio and Dr Brian Sterling-Vete, and the two organisations are partnered. Members of both organisations have performed many fascinating research and investigation projects together and they have also closely collaborated on several successful; Paranormal Rescue missions.

The International Paranormal Society is a non-profit organization created to research, investigate, analyse, and document anomalous events that fall outside the realm of conventional scientific research.  

Their primary areas of interest include hauntings, apparitions, poltergeist activity, and psychic phenomena – with a focus on sharing evidence and professional practice with the aim of providing proof for the existence of an afterlife.

To learn more about TIPS please click the logo to the left.

MPRS - Minnesota Paranormal Research Society

MPRS Logo.webp

Although the MPRS is not a formal partner organisation, it is a trusted organisation with researchers of the highest calibre, and they have collaborated with Paranormal Rescue on certain cases.  Also, several members of the Paranormal Rescue team have performed several research investigations with the MPRS from time to time.


MPRS is seeking a greater understanding of the paranormal activity that surrounds us everywhere we go, and the documentation of that activity for research purposes.

Our investigations always include people from various backgrounds. Each team always includes investigators that are experienced, curious, interested in history, and sceptical which provides a well-rounded mix and brings many layers to each investigation. We even include investigators who are experienced with HVAC, boilers, electrical, modern technology, and plumbing to give a well-rounded look at anything that could be contributing to unusual activity. Our goal is to help all people (and spirits) involved when we are called to a location that claims to have paranormal activity. MPRS will bring a positive resolution to those living with the uncertainty or fear involved after being on the receiving end of possible hauntings.

To learn more about MPRS click the logo on the left.

Other Partners and Potential Partners


We enjoy a close cooperative relationship with several paranormal teams, research organisations, and organisations in the UK, USA, and Canada, many of whom we have previously worked closely with, however, there are too many to list here.

We always welcome enquires from potential new people, partners, teams, and organisations who would like to work more closely with us.  Also, those who wish to be considered regional geographical candidates to help us deal with Paranormal Rescue cases in their area.

Therefore, if you are a science professional, gifted individual, investigation team, or organisation and would like to discuss working more closely with us, please get in touch.

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