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Do you need help
and want to apply to
become a client?

Then, please 

read and follow the rules.

And, only if you agree with them, scroll down to the contact portal and send us a detailed message.

Paranormal Rescue Client Application Rules

  1. First and foremost, WE DO NOT ACCEPT EVERY CASE.  We ONLY accept cases that we find the most interesting and suitable to the services we offer. Cases that we choose to decline but are still valid may, if agreed, be recommended to one of our partner teams via an official introduction. If we do not respond to your contact submission, then please do not be offended. We receive many client applications weekly and we can only respond to the cases we feel are most appropriate. We also need to discover and eliminate any immature jokers who think it is funny to send prank messages asking us to help solve bogus mysteries. Therefore, please read this entire list of our rules, what you will need to do, and what to send us if you wish to become a client.

  2. WE NEVER RESPOND TO ANY MESSAGE THAT IS A SINGLE WORD, ONLY A FEW WORDS, OR JUST A PHONE NUMBER. If you contact us saying something like, “message me about a problem with our home/building/land or a person etc.” or, something like "I/we have a picture or video for you..." then we will not respond. If you cannot be bothered to take the time and make the effort to send us the highly detailed information we need, then we cannot be bothered to reply and will ignore and eventually delete your contact request.

  3. We need a lot of data to decide A) if we will accept a case and/or B) to help us solve mysteries. We cannot supply this information, only our clients and those who wish to become clients can. Therefore, the data we need to support ALL applications should include audio, video, and photographs together with a detailed written narrative describing everything including all of the following:

    • ALL incidents, dates, times, when it began, what happened, everything that was observed in sequence, and if any or all of it is still happening.

    • Who was present each time it happened 

    • Where it happened within a building or in an outdoor location etc.

    • Precise details of where the building or outdoor location is geographically and postally.

    • Weather conditions at the time of each incident.

    • Think about and list any potential external contamination.

    • Video of what is happening as many times as you can capture it.

    • Video selfie recordings of you telling us all about it speaking to the camera on your phone.

    • Audio evidence/EVPs, preferably accompanied by or captured to video.

    • Photographs of what is happening.

    • Please make/ensure that the photographs, video, and audio are as clear and high-quality as possible.

    • All video and audio clips should be uploaded to either Vimeo or YouTube and set to private, then, if necessary, generate a passcode and send that to us so we can view it.

    • Please do not send video files via email as we will not open them. 

    • All information is treated confidentially, and data is not stored.

    • When someone reports attacks and physical signs thereof, including attachments, abductions, alien and other sources of implants, out-of-body experiences, inter-dimensional travel, portal travel, visitations of any sort, incubus, succubus, possessions, demonic encounters, elemental encounters, and/or anything similar, then please remember that we seek empirical evidence. As open-minded scientific researchers empirical evidence is essential. Therefore, we reserve the right to explore all possible options and explanations, including a psychological assessment, as part of the elimination process as we work towards finding the cause/causes of the mystery/mysteries. Please do not be offended by any suggestion of this, and if this does or might offend you, then do not contact us as we cannot do our job properly unless we explore all possible options and explanations.

    • Do not be offended if we analyse your evidence and find, in our professional opinion, and with the evidence presented, that we find no sign of paranormal activity. It is common for many people to easily genuinely misinterpret normal events/things. It is also common that some people actually want to believe that something paranormal is happening to them or their home, even when it is not. If you do not like the possibility of whatever conclusion we reach, please seek others who may indulge you.

  4. We are a non-profit organisation. This means that we donate all profits above team salaries and expenses to our chosen registered dog rescue charity. However, we are an elite team of highly trained professionals, and even though what we do is unusual, this is our profession, and just like everyone else, we do not work for free because we also expect to be able to eat and pay our bills etc. 

  5. All cases are charged slightly differently, and the fees for each case are unique. Fees are calculated according to what is required in terms of the number of people deployed, the overall time commitment required of each person both on deployment and performing background research work etc., any third-party specialist consultants needed, the equipment needed, the number of deployments, the number of locations, and where it is located geographically etc.

  6. However, we also reserve the right to decide if we wish to work either entirely for free, for expenses only, or for expenses and a donation to our chosen charity. If someone has a few simple questions that need answering, or if a case is local to one of our base locations and/or we find it particularly interesting for some reason, then we may decide to waive our fees, or simply ask that a donation is made in place of our fees to our chosen registered dog rescue charity. If you merely are asking a genuine question or two, then please be respectful and patient because we are surprisingly busy and may not always be able to reply, especially if we are deployed as a full team on a major case.

  7. No exceptions are made to these rules. Finally, once again please be respectful, and patient, and do not make demands or you will be blocked.

Historically, and perhaps somewhat ironically, religious bodies of all denominations are often reluctant to help people resolve serious paranormal problems.  


Even if those people are physically attacked and live each day as a nightmare forcing them to beg for help, the clergy typically prefer to do nothing or just the bare minimum after long periods of institutional consideration.  

SLS 02 1.jpg

We would also like to point out that unlike many popular unscripted ‘reality’ TV shows would have people believe, not every paranormal encounter is with a demon.  

Thankfully, we find this phenomenon, whatever it might actually be scientifically, is comparatively rare.   
However, make no mistake the evidence does suggest that whatever these entities might be, they exist, and their power is real.

Blair Witch Room OUT Word 01.jpg
Blair Witch Room OUT Word 01.jpg
Blair Witch Room OUT Word 01.jpg

More importantly, the Paranormal Rescue team is conscious that taking the wrong approach to paranormal problems can frequently make matters much worse for those involved at ground-zero.  

Merely barging in to perform some sort of crude, unscientific, and disrespectful investigation frequently does nothing to help, and usually makes matters much worse.  This typically leaves the victim/s and location experiencing enhanced paranormal activity as a result.

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