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The Paranormal Rescue Core Team

Brian Sterling-Vete

Paranormal Rescue founder, Brian Sterling-Vete PhD is a British author, Guinness World Record Holder, martial arts instructor, and Reiki Master.  He is a former broadcaster with a no-nonsense, blunt, yet entertaining approach, spending over a decade with BBC TV news and current affairs.
With a lifelong interest in the paranormal, he was accidentally involved in a UFO incident also witnessed by serval police officers on the scene. Exploring the mysterious and unknown became a passion that eventually became a best-selling book, Paranormal Investigation: The Black Book of Scientific Ghost Hunting and How to Investigate Paranormal Phenomena. While living in a 110-room mansion built in 1495 to film a major TV documentary Brian and the crew found themselves in the midst of baffling and dramatic nightly paranormal activity. This fascinating story became the book, The Haunting of Lilford Hall. His background in exercise science means he researches logically and maintains a sceptical yet open-minded approach. On-screen, he is respectfully sarcastic with a humorous slant bringing an interesting twist to the genre. Brian conceived and initiated Project Half-Life which could have a seismic effect on all paranormal investigations.

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Helen Renée Wuorio

Paranormal Rescue co-founder, Helen Renée Wuorio was born in Minnesota, in the midwestern USA but spent most of her teenage years living in Alaska where her father worked in an incredibly dangerous job as an Ice Road Trucker. 
After marrying her British husband, they soon authored a fun-filled and light-hearted book to help transatlantic couples called, Being American Married to a Brit.

Helen has had a life-long interest in the paranormal and grew up in a house in Alaska with anomalous phenomena. Throughout her life, she often had 'visions' that are uncannily accurate and typically come true.  

She developed her Tarot and Rune skills, psychic visions, and Universal Energy senses as a Reiki Master to assist during paranormal investigations and to help clients of Paranormal Rescue through both hands-on and remote clearings.

Interestingly, Helen and her identical twin sister have demonstrated the amazing ability on countless occasions to see, feel, think, and even do exactly the same things at the same time even though they live thousands of miles apart.

Helen is also a key member of the potentially groundbreaking Project Half-Life which could have seismic effects on all aspects of paranormal investigation globally.

Helen is a member of the (FHT) Federation of Holistic Therapists.

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Kelly Curtis

Kelly Curtis is a parapsychological researcher at Manchester Metropolitan University with a passion for paranormal investigation.

Her interest in hauntings started as a young girl, seeking out ghosts in the small US town where she lived and spending extensive time at the library and in cemeteries in an attempt to link which individuals were lingering around in spirit form. While living in Texas Kelly was part of a paranormal team, investigating many famous locations and private residences. However, in addition, she also has numerous solo investigations under her belt.

Kelly’s background in mental health brings a support system to those experiencing hauntings and other paranormal phenomena.

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Paul Flanagan

Paul Flanagan has enjoyed a long and varied career working as an international security consultantand TV & Film Special FX Supervisor.  He has been keenly interested in all things paranormal from an early age fuelled by inexplicable experiences with anomalous phenomena.  Paul also possesses certain psychic gifts that enable him to envision things clearly before they happen, and at times he has been disturbingly accurate.  Paul approaches the subject of paranormal investigation from a grounded and logical science-based perspective, which helped tremendously as part of the investigative team at Lilford Hall where they performed dozens of investigations each week.  Also, his background as TV & Film Special FX Supervisor enables him to more easily detect hoaxes

Greg Hardman

Greg Hardman, an Electrical Engineer who served 18 years in the British Army's Royal Corps of Signals, is also an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. His passion for ghosts, hauntings, and poltergeists began at age 11 after a personal experience in a medieval-era school in Cumbria.

Now living in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, Greg investigates paranormal reports across the UK and abroad with rational, science-based methods. His training includes thermography, forensic psychology, counselling skills, psychological first aid, and media relations in search and rescue.

He teaches Wilderness Survival Training and collaborates with Search & Rescue professionals, applying his detail-oriented skills to both fields.

In 2016, Greg founded W.I.S.P.R (Welsh Independent Society for Paranormal Research) in Wales, leading a team that explores ghosts, cryptids, and UFOs, with active social media pages on these topics.

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Marilyn Robinson

Minnesota-based Marilyn Robinson is a widely acclaimed expert photo analyst.  Her keen eyes and intense attention to detail earned her the well-deserved title “Marilyn the Magnifier” because time and again she has discovered important details others have missed.
Marilyn’s life-long interest in the paranormal began at an early age after several brushes with perplexing and sometimes frightening phenomena.  During her career as a paranormal investigator, she has explored many historical homes, businesses, hotels, and outdoor locations including the Dead Children’s Playground in the southern state of Alabama.
Marylin’s expertise is invaluable to the Paranormal Rescue teams.

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Canine Paranormal Rescue co-founder, Bond is a retired 5-year-old rescued Greyhound possessing extraordinary abilities that aid us enormously during research and investigations.  James Bond was one of his former racing names – no kidding, and hence his name! He is extremely calm, relaxed, and placid, and hardly makes a sound except when he detects something unusual/anomalous. 
Scientifically, compared to humans, dogs have 5 x better night vision, and since Bond is a Sighthound, his overall vision is even better.  They possess a higher number of light-sensitive rods in the retina and something that humans don’t, a tapetum lucidum, or a thin eye film that amplifies and reflects light enabling them to see more clearly in dim lighting.
Dogs possess heightened versions of all of the general senses which enables them to detect minute changes in the environment, barometric pressure, and even electromagnetics.  They have a wider and much more sensitive audible range than humans enabling them to detect the faintest of sounds from great distances.  Some scientists believe that dogs can detect oncoming seismic events long before they happen, possibly because they can hear the grinding, and breaking of underground faults.  After Japan’s magnitude 9 earthquake in 2011, a study found that just before the quake 60% of dog owners reported warning behaviours in the minutes leading up to the quake happening.  In addition, dogs possess a complex olfactory system that is between 10,000 and 100,000 times more acute than humans enabling them to detect otherwise indiscernible scents and changes.
More importantly, humans can generate irrational fears of the unknown/paranormal and also judge and/or deny our feelings/senses.  Dogs do not. Instead, on an investigation, Bond responds more rationally and dog-logically in many ways than humans. He only usually responds to sensory input when alerted to something thanks to his heightened multiple senses. This means that he is incapable of automatically believing something is paranormal simply because it is hoped or even expected that it might be. In short, Bond has proven to be an incredible asset to our investigations and more accurate at detecting of anomalies than most of our high-tech equipment.

 "Step aside The X-Files because The Truth is 'SNOUT' There!"

Photo credit: NB Press Ltd.

Recruiting New Team Members to Paranormal


Paranormal Rescue team members are typically recruited from the private research group, Prime because we need to know the people we will work with well, and especially how they perform under pressure.  This is important since the team can often be faced some highly stressful and sometimes dangerous situations in remote, desolate, and unforgiving locations.  Under the most extreme circumstances, all team members are expected to perform normally, calmly, and follow scientific investigation methodology no matter what they encounter in any location. 

The only exception to this recruitment process is when someone has demonstrated extraordinary ability, holds relevant scientific qualifications, or is recognised as a leading expert in a subject.

Our extended network of specialists is growing, however, we are always seeking to make new connections with specialists from all over the world.  We also have a growing number of national and international affiliate teams such as TIPS, or The International Paranormal Society.  This system means that Paranormal can effectively work worldwide, if necessary, without always having to deploy the entire core team.  

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