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Seminar Guest Speakers, TV, Radio, Film, and Print Media Consultants, and Show Guests


MarsCon Sci-Fi and Paranormal  Convention

Bloomington, Minnesota

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Paranormal & UFO Conference

Blackpool, England


Chase on the Lake Resort Paranormal Conference

Walker, Minnesota

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Bodmin Jail
Paranormal Conference

Cornwall, England


Native American
Paranormal Conference

Granite Falls, Minnesota

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Seriously Strange North Paranormal Conference

Manchester, England


Team as whole, and individual members are available by arrangement for 

Speaking Engagements

Seminars, Events, Conferences, Investigations, Radio, Television, and Movie Production Consultancy.

Conact Us

Consultants and Contributors to the Media

Several members of the Paranormal Rescue organisation are regular contributors and consultants to magazines, social media platforms, local and national newspapers, TV, radio, and the motion picture/movie industry.

The current media outlets that Paranormal and individual team members have featured in include BBC News, ITV’s This Morning Show, Newsweek (USA), The Daily Mail, The Sun, & The Daily Mirror newspapers, Reader's Digest, Chat Magazine, Beast Seekers TV show Snapchat (episode 18), and via the Hubbard network (USA), etc.

One member of our team is performing PhD research in psychology and parapsychology, one has a PhD in exercise science, one has consulted on three paranormal horror movies and two TV shows, and one is a staff writer for the highly acclaimed international Paranormal Press Magazine while another is a  regular columnist and consultant for the same publication. 

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