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If you require assistance and are considering applying to become a client, we kindly ask that you carefully review and adhere to the outlined guidelines.

If these guidelines align with your expectations and requirements, we invite you to proceed by scrolling down to the contact portal.

Once there, please provide us with a detailed message outlining your needs and inquiries. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Paranormal Rescue Client Application Rules

Please Read All and Accept Before Applying

Case Selection:

  • We don't blindly take an applicant's claim of a paranormal issue at face value. No reputable investigators would do this. This is because there are numerous instances (approximately 98%) where something that appears paranormal might actually be a result of innocent misinterpretation. When evaluating evidence, it's crucial to always eliminate the impossible so that whatever remains, no matter how improbable must be the truth. For further details, please scroll down and refer to the section titled 'Empirical Evidence' below.

  • We prioritise interesting and suitable cases for our services.

  • Valid cases we decline may be referred to partner teams.

  • Response may not be guaranteed due to high client applications.

Professional Discretion:

  • Client welfare and privacy are paramount.

  • We never share client information or details about cases.

Message Response Policy:

  • Single-word or minimal messages are not responded to.

  • Detailed information is required for our consideration.

Required Data:

  • Comprehensive audio, video, and photographic evidence.

  • Detailed written narrative including:

  • Incident details, dates, times, and sequence.

  • Present individuals during incidents.

  • Location details (geographic and postal).

  • Weather conditions during incidents.

  • Possible external contamination.

  • Clear, high-quality video, audio, and photographs.

  • Videos and audio clips are to be uploaded privately to Vimeo or YouTube.


Confidentiality and Data Handling:

  • All information is treated confidentially.

  • Other cases and clients are never discussed.

  • Data is never stored.

Empirical Evidence Approach:

  • For phenomena like attacks, attachments, abductions, etc.

  • Seek empirical evidence as open-minded researchers.

  • An integral component of our comprehensive analytical approach involves a thorough examination of all conceivable rational explanations for reported 'paranormal' phenomena. In some cases, we may recommend that clients undergo a professional psychological assessment. This recommendation is in line with our commitment as professional, science-based investigators to systematically eliminate all plausible rational explanations for the reported occurrences. If you genuinely believe you are experiencing a paranormal issue, we encourage you to consider this suggestion. However, if you find this recommendation offensive or objectionable, we may not be the right fit for your needs. Our scientific research and assistance are based on the premise that we must work without constraints and focus on empirical evidence to provide genuine help, rather than accepting something as paranormal without a rigorous examination of all rational possibilities.

Analysing Evidence:

  • Objective analysis may reveal non-paranormal explanations.

  • Misinterpretations of normal events are common.

  • Individuals who are motivated by personal beliefs or desires to seek paranormal explanations are encouraged not to apply. If such motivations are subsequently disclosed, we reserve the right to discontinue our engagement with them.

Non-Profit Approach, Professional Status, Fees and Flexibility in Fees:

  • Professional services are not always provided for free.

  • We are a non-profit organisation.

  • Profits support our chosen registered dog rescue charity.

  • Voluntary donations to our chosen dog rescue charity are much appreciated.

  • We typically choose to offer our services pro bono (for free) to individual clients, especially for cases involving simple questions, extraordinary cases and situations, and for deployments that are within a reasonable distance from our base.

  • Commercial clients such as hotels and hotel groups should expect to pay a modest professional fee depending upon factors such as the number of people deployed, how long the deployment is, the distances travelled, and subsistence etc.

  • International cases and deployments are based on which team members are requested, how many people overall are deployed, travel expenses, subsistence, and other related factors. 

  • We operate in conjunction with carefully chosen and strategically located partner teams to enable us to operate globally for minimum expenses for our individual clients, and reasonable fees for commercial ones.

Case Fees and Expense Calculations:

Fees and expenses vary based on factors such as:

  • The number of team members deployed.

  • subsistence.

  • Travel expenses/distance etc.

  • The required time commitment for research and deployment.

  • Specialist consultants and equipment.

  • Deployment types and international geographical locations.

Respectful Communication:

  • Only respectful and patient communication is expected.

  • Demands and attention-seeking may result in being blocked.

Rule Adherence:

  • No exceptions are made to the outlined rules.

  • Feel free to get in touch through our contact form if you meet these criteria and are interested in seeking our assistance. Your understanding of our approach is greatly appreciated.

Throughout history, and with a sense of irony, religious institutions across denominations have frequently exhibited reluctance when it comes to assisting individuals in resolving profound paranormal challenges.

Even in cases where individuals face physical attacks and endure a harrowing existence, compelling them to seek aid, the clergy often demonstrate a preference for inaction or minimal involvement following prolonged periods of institutional deliberation.

SLS 02 1.jpg

We wish to emphasise that contrary to the portrayal on various unscripted 'reality' television programs, not every paranormal experience involves encounters with malevolent entities.

Fortunately, occurrences of this nature, whatever their scientific basis, are relatively infrequent.


Nevertheless, it is essential to acknowledge that evidence does strongly indicate the existence of these entities, and their influence is demonstrably real.

Blair Witch Room OUT Word 01.jpg
Blair Witch Room OUT Word 01.jpg
Blair Witch Room OUT Word 01.jpg

It is of paramount importance to emphasise that we recognise that adopting an incorrect approach to paranormal challenges can often exacerbate the situation for those directly affected.

Engaging in a hasty, unscientific, and disrespectful investigation tends to yield minimal results and more often than not, intensifies the difficulties at hand. This approach frequently contributes to heightened paranormal activity, impacting both the individuals affected and the location itself.

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