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Paranormal Rescue

The World's First and Premier Professional International Paranormal Emergency Service

Per Mare, Per Terram Semper Paratus; Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

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“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Sherlock Holmes in chapter 6 of the book, “The Sign of Four”

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1890.

Paranormal Rescue is unlike all typical paranormal investigation groups on TV and social media because we do not go to old spooky buildings and strange places trying to find paranormal activity; instead, 

Paranormal Activity Finds Us

Paranormal Rescue is the world’s first non-profit paranormal emergency service operating internationally from its HQ in the central UK, a base in Minnesota (central USA), and with other strategic network partners/teams in various countries.  


We help individuals, homeowners, and owners of commercial buildings, hotels, organisations, and outdoor places that need to find practical solutions to mysterious, disturbing, and sometimes dangerous anomalous phenomena, usually when the church/clergy have been reluctant, or flatly refused to help.  We are the team that many professional and amateur paranormal investigation groups turn to as a resource, or when they have problems they cannot deal with. We also train amateur paranormal groups, boot camp style, to help raise their scientific investigation standards.


A good analogy to envision who we are, what we do and how we do it as an International Paranormal Emergency Service would be a real-life fusion of Lockwood & Co/Ghostbusters with Thunderbirds' International Rescue and The Equalizer with an added dash of Top Gear/Grand Tour Special flair.  Since we occasionally have our highly trained hound assist us, there's a smidgeon of Scooby-Doo thrown in as well.


We are an elite team of science-based professionals, parapsychologists, and researchers recruited either from our private investigation group, Prime Paranormal or because someone has demonstrated extraordinary ability, holds certain scientific qualifications, or is a leading expert in a specific subject.  We also strategically partner with other teams around the world who research and investigate scientifically.  Interestingly, and unintentionally, the core team is 50/50 British and American.

The Paranormal Rescue team do not accept every case that comes along, this would be impossible, so new clients must request our help and then present us with comprehensive material to support their application.  Trying to solve a mystery requires detailed information, and only applicants who wish to become clients can supply this.  


It may be a cliché to quote the classic Ghostbusters movie line, “who ya' gonna' call…?” 
However, the stark reality is, whom do you call for help?

Paranormal Activity Happens Everywhere 24/7

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Hamlet, Act 1 by William Shakespeare, 1599.

It surprises many people to learn that paranormal activity is not something that only happens overnight in spooky, old, weird, and mysterious places.  In fact, it is quite common happening 24/7, mostly unnoticed, everywhere in buildings of all types and ages, in all outdoor places, on airliners, on ships, and even on shipwrecks.  Wherever it happens, it is usually extremely frightening to those encountering it.  

For example, when it involves hotels there is a fine dividing line between having the rustic charm and marketing value of a resident, friendly ghost, but quite another matter when hotel guests are terrorised by malicious malevolent phenomena.  


As an indicator of how just how common supernatural phenomena are, one report indicates that over half a million exorcisms are performed in Italy alone each year, and currently the Vatican has at least 250 exorcists working regularly in at least 30 countries with the number growing.  Interestingly, few people ever stop to think that any belief in a mainstream religion is also by default technically a belief in what is commonly called, the supernatural.

Paranormal Rescue tackles the unknown head-on trying to find practical solutions to often baffling paranormal problems, and as we do so, the Paranormal Rescue team gathers any scientific data that emerges as a result. This helps our research and better overall understanding of the many different types of reported anomalous phenomena. Data is also gathered for Project Half-Life which could have a seismic effect on our understanding of certain paranormal phenomena.  Interestingly, the UFO/UAP phenomena seem to be linked in many ways to paranormal phenomena.

Click on the 'Cases' tab on the toolbar to learn more about what we do. However, we only feature a fraction of our cases, and we respect our client’s right to anonymity. Out of all reported paranormal activity globally circa 98% can usually be rationally explained by science, however, a mysterious circa 2% remains inexplicably baffling, these are the cases that interest us the most.

Paranormal Rescue has been extensively featured in both the British and American print, online, and broadcast TV media, as well as other international media outlets. This includes BBC News, ITV’s This Morning Show, Newsweek (USA), The Daily Mail, The Sun, & The Daily Mirror newspapers, Reader's Digest, Chat Magazine, Beast Seekers TV show Snapchat (episode 18), and the Hubbard network (USA), etc.

If you or your organisation wish to apply to become clients, press the ‘Need Help/Get in Touch’ button below or go to the ‘Need Help?’ page, or to the online contact form at the footer. We operate a strict vetting policy and only engage the most interesting clients with appropriate cases.  


Paranormal Rescue?

To begin with, please email and we will arrange a call.

Coming soon, we plan to have a 24/7 call service. 

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