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Guinness World Record Attempt

Halloween-Themed FREE Charity Event Saturday October 29th 2022

Guinness World Record Cert 03.jpg

The above certificate is for the producer's last successful mass participation Guinness World Record

On Saturday, October the 29th 2022, the Paranormal Rescue team will be producing a FREE Halloween-Themed

Mass Participation Guinness World Record Attempt to Assemble

The Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Ghosts


The location is Platt Fields Park, Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 6LA, England, right in the heart of the city.  

The field is adjacent to Grangethorpe Road, just off Wilmslow Road in Fallowfield, and next to Manchester High School for Girls.


TIME:  The event starts at 12 noon on the day, BUT please be there at 11 am and report to a muster point so we can process you in. 

If all goes smoothly, it should be over by 12.30 pm, but it is always possible that it could run slightly later.

As well as being free, it will be fun, easy to perform, it will take place no matter the weather, and completely inclusive so every member of the family of virtually all ages can participate.  

NOTE. Your costume can be worn over the top of your raincoat if the weather is inclement on the day.

There are a Limited Number of Just 999 Places Available to Physically Participate, so be sure to book early and please participate on the day whatever the weather!


The purpose of the event is not only to have some Halloween weekend fun but to aid the registered dog rescue charity (Registered Charity No. 1158499), The Greyhound based in Kidsgrove, Staffordshire.  This is the dog rescue centre where our very own para-hound, the large former racing greyhound the UK news media nicknamed Spooky Doo, adopted us to join the Paranormal Rescue team!

Tickets to participate are completely FREE and are available through Eventbrite.  
However, we would be extremely grateful for any donation you feel comfortable making to aid this amazing dog rescue charity and help the homeless hounds.

Please print and bring your ticket/s with you to the event.

Scroll down for the simple event rules and location map


What is a Mass Participation Guinness World Record Attempt?

Mass Participation World Records involve a certain target number of people performing the same activity simultaneously, in single or multiple venues. 

Guinness World Records has now officially set the name for this new attempt and issued a set of simple rules for participants which are highlighted lower down this page.

Paranormal founder, Brian Sterling-Vete PhD is not only a former Guinness World Record Holder, but he has experience in producing several world record events similar to this.  In addition, he has always loved the Halloween season and all that it entails and as a researcher, he has written some fascinating articles on the subject for many publications including The Readers Digest in the USA as well as the best-selling book on a scientific approach to the paranormal, Paranormal Investigation: The Black Book of Scientific Ghost Hunting and How to Investigate Paranormal Phenomena.

So, with sincere thanks to Platt Fields Park Ranger, Mary Clements, and her wonderful team, together with the Greater Manchester Police, the stage is now set for a family fun-filled Halloween 2022!

What we need to set the New Guinness World Record is a venue large enough to perform it in/at, rain or shine, which we have, and enough people to come and participate, which means YOU!

Guinness World Records
Participation Rules for the
Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Ghosts

  1. For the purposes of this record, a qualifying ‘ghost’ costume must consist of an ankle-length large white sheet entirely covering the participant's body, with two eye holes.  NOTE. This costume can be worn over the top of your raincoat if the weather is inclement on the day.


  3. Longer sheets are NOT acceptable as they might represent a potential trip hazard

  4. Each participant must wear their own costume, and a costume cannot be shared between two or more people.

  5. The video and photographic evidence will be recorded of each person in their costume at the entrance(s) and also inside the arena, so they must make their costume clearly visible.

  6. If someone fails to wear their full ghost costume, or if any part of the costume is removed during the 6-minute (360-second) minimum time to complete the attempt, they must be deducted from the final total.

  7. All participants must be gathered together and in position simultaneously and remain so for a minimum of 6 minutes (360 seconds) with a countdown from 360 seconds to zero.

  8. All participants must remain in full costume for the entirety of the attempt. 

  9. To be applicable all costumes must be complete and clearly recognisable as the character of a ‘ghost’ as described in section a, with any costume deemed unsuitable to be disqualified from the final total. 

  10. The independent witnesses may also act as timekeepers.  

  11. Where required, a formal final check of all costumes will be completed as participants enter the attempt area. This will be personally completed by the independent witnesses, or they should directly observe it. 

  12. The event will take place at 12, noon on Saturday, October 29th, However, please be there from 11 am and assemble at the muster point on the field adjacent to Grangethrope Road.

  13. There, officials will brief and then at the appropriate time, direct participants to the entry funnel where their costume will be officially assessed by an adjudicator and either approved or rejected.

  14. Please do NOT wear your costume before you reach this point.

  15.  If approved/accepted, participants will be guided through the dual counting station to enter the arena surrounded by trees, police barrier tape, and police officers and PCSOs on the outside.

  16.  Once inside the arena, approved participants will be assembled into groups of 10, with each group of 10 forming a segment of 100 participants in a designated area.

  17. Once all approved participants have been assembled, and/or 12 noon/ the target number is reached, whichever happens first either sooner or later, then the event will commence.


Download and print the official rules as a PDF

Event Location Map and Aerial View

The location is Platt Fields Park, Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 6LA, England, right in the heart of the city.  

Note. The field we will be using for the event is adjacent to Grangethorpe Road, just off Wilmslow Road in Fallowfield and next to Manchester High School for Girls.

Platt Fields Park GWR Area Aerial View 01.jpg
Platt Fields Park GWR Area Aerial View 03.jpg
Platt Fields Park GWR Area Aerial View 04.jpg

With Sincere Thanks to Our
Sponsors and Supporters

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