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Paranormal Rescue Case Studies

Below are a few selected case studies of mysteries that Paranormal Rescue has helped to solve.
They are shared here only with the permission of those involved with their identities protected.

Typically, we encounter a wide variety of cases including alleged possessions, negative attachments, incubus and succubus attacks, poltergeist activity, Ouija misuse, cryptid attacks, UFO/UAP encounter and abduction claims, commercial property, and home hauntings.

Note: use the word ‘alleged’ before the listing above because we always seek conclusive empirical evidence and until we have it, all cases are classified with this status.  This is not to say that we do not believe those involved because we do, and we always help those in need.


The Haunted Barn Conversion,
Shropshire, England

An episode of Beast Seekers Stream TV series on


Case Overview: Reported sounds of running and heavy footsteps inside the house, the pet dog being regularly terrorised, and shadow figures stalking.

Location: Oswestry, Shropshire, England.

Key Points:


  • The double barn conversion house was bought in 2009 and two barns were joined together to make one large stone-built home.

  • Since 2009, and right up to today, there has always been some sort of construction/building/demolition work taking place in the house or outside near/around the house.

  • Since buying it in 2009, the owners had frequently experienced strange feelings that there was something anomalous lurking there.    

  • Regular and disturbing anomalous activity began manifesting and escalating after the main construction had been completed and they moved in to live there circa 2013

  • One of the owners had been forced to use the Ouija Board as a child by a progressive Religious Education teacher when at school.

  • The pet dog is frequently attacked by something unseen and is too scared to either go into the house/certain rooms or it feels too scared to be in the house and then barks to get outside, and once there it will not return easily.

  • Family members who visit have also experienced anomalous activity.  One, will now not return after fleeing on Boxing Day 2021 and experiencing something walking around the bed at night, and sat on the bed at one point.

  • The grandson had regularly experienced the sensation of a ghostly presence in his room, but this anomaly was resolved when Kelly and Helen discovered that the bedside alarm clock emitted dangerously high levels of EMF which can cause this sensation.

  • A mysterious outline of a head frequently appears on a leather sofa in one of the lounges in conjunction with a white-ish greasy type of film akin to some type of hair treatment.  The next time this happens we have requested that the owners scrape as much of the substance into a sterile Ziplock bag so we can have it analysed.

  • The sounds of heavy footsteps and sometimes running feet along the upstairs corridor have been frequently heard by many people at varying times.

  • Bond, ‘The Ghosthunting Greyhound’ was present with two Para-Rescue team members as they performed the walkthrough and certain baseline tests.  Bond reacted clearly and identified the specific rooms that were most troubled and the specific places within those rooms.  This accurately corresponded with what we later learned from the owners.  Therefore, Bond enabled us to better focus our efforts, experiments, and instrument deployment in the most affected locations.

This case is currently classed as closed; however, the Paranormal Rescue team monitor the situation.

The Malevolent Shadow Figure, Sandbach,

Cheshire, England

Case Overview: Shadow figure stalking, strange noises, growls, footsteps, and physical attacks.

Location: Sandbach, Cheshire, England.

Key Points:


  • The homeowner is/was a single female parent living with a 10-year-old male child.

  • The parent had recently had an emotionally disturbing relationship breakup causing emotional stressors for both the parent and the child/children involved.

  • Shadow figures were seen sometimes with glowing red eyes, deep growls and footsteps were heard overnight, bedclothes tugged, the sensation of something sitting on the bed, the sensation of something pressing the child down on the bed overnight, and the child was scratched by what appeared to be a triple claw-shaped instrument/hand on the boys back in a place he would not easily be able to self-harm.

  • A forceful clearing was performed by the Paranormal Rescue team in every room/nook and cranny of the house and it resolved all of the issues.

The case is classed as resolved; however, the Paranormal Rescue team monitor the situation.



  • NOTE: There are certain typical elements and experiences in cases like this that include:

    • A single female parent, usually middle-aged, living alone with a child or children with an average age of between 9 and 14 years.

    • The parent has usually gone through or is still going through either an emotionally disturbing relationship breakup or divorce. 

    • Child/children are usually, although not always, female.

    • The house is not too old; however, the age and history seem to be of little overall significance to the anomalous activity that is reported.

    • Shadow figures are seen by many.

    • Shadow figure with glowing red eyes at times.

    • Feeling that something is sitting on the bed occasionally.

    • Bedsheets were pulled off the bed at night.

    • Strange footsteps and growls.

    • The sensation of being held down on the bed.

    • In most scenarios, this is as far as it goes, however, if it escalates the child/children are sometimes painfully attacked by an unseen hand/claw resulting in triple claw marks.

    • A local member of the clergy is often called in to bless the house, but this usually makes matters worse.

    • There are a surprising number of cases that include all or most of the above elements listed above.  Therefore, we believe that with proper research, these commonalities may help to identify certain key trigger elements.

This case is currently classed as closed: however, the Paranormal Rescue team monitor the situation


The Arkansas Poltergeist

Case Overview: Poltergeist-like activity, stalking, physical attacks, unusually hight electricity use, reports of local witchcraft, local inexplicable cattle mutilations.

Location: Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA.

Key Points:


  • House is a double-wide/trailer type of home on 1 acre of land.

  • A married couple with 5 female children, one of whom is autistic.

  • The family are Baptist Christians.

  • The wife’s mother is a Wiccan.

  • Power lines are near the house but there are no large electrical power grid transformers.

  • However, the house experiences an inexplicably high use of electricity that no engineer has so far been able to explain.

  • Doors to the home are often found wide open.

  • Saw/felt a small person/child’s body behind a shower curtain that when opened revealed none to be there.

  • Occasionally the parents experience being touched by unseen ice-cold hands.

  • A towel pulled was out of the father’s hand in the bathroom by something unseen.

  • Curtains around the house occasionally move as there is a strong breeze, but there is none, and no heating or A/C is active.

  • Frequently finding all cabinet doors and drawers open in the kitchen usually in the early hours, circa 0400 to 0600 hrs.

  • An escalation saw cabinet doors sometimes being slammed shut and open again during the night.

  • Certain objects are being either moved, or removed, and sometimes after being lost they reappear in mysterious and obvious places.

  • Shadow figures are frequently seen overnight.

  • The TV and other electrical appliances randomly turn on and off.

  • Sounds of footsteps heard around the house.

  • Chairs and keys are randomly moved, and loud noises are made as they do so.

  • A full set of CCTV equipment is to be installed to monitor and record activity.

This case is currently classed as ongoing.

The Polperro Poltergeist,

Cornwall, England

Case Overview: Poltergeist-like activity, in and around the bedrooms of a hotel and pub.

Location: Polperro, Cornwall, England.

Key Points:


  • The building is circa 500 years old, stone-built; it has a bar area, a small restaurant, and seven guest bedrooms.

  • Hotel staff complained frequently that after laying out towels at the foot of the bed/s in each room, which is standard practice for the hotel, after leaving the room completely and later returning, the towels had been moved from the foot of the bed/s to the top of the bed/s near the pillows.

  • Also, because some members of staff became so frightened, the room service staff often insisted on working in pairs, and several times even had the manager accompany.  They all witnessed the same phenomena, that after exiting and later returning to several of the rooms, and after a circa 5 minutes wait outside with the door closed.

  • All members of the room service team became increasingly frightened by escalating events.

  • One manager of the hotel was so deeply disturbed that she left the hotel after what she described as a particularly frightening experience.

  • An increasing number of guests then began complaining that some of their belongings were inexplicably moved while they were out during the day, or overnight while they were asleep.  The hotel room service staff never touched the belongings of any of the guests.  Some guests even began hearing strange voices whispering while they were in bed at night.  The whispers were extremely low-level and indecipherable, however, several guests spread over several months all reported similar phenomena.  With an increasing number of guests becoming so disturbed by the paranormal phenomena taking place in their rooms, it then began to have a negative effect on business, so the Paranormal Rescue team were called to help.

  • The Paranormal Rescue team investigated and eventually contacted an entity that they believed was causing the phenomena.  After asking the entity “why do you move the towels?” they captured a good quality EVP saying “that maid is fussy” which seemed to be a coherent and relevant direct reply to their question.  This EVP was played on BBC Radio Cornwall when The Paranormal Rescue team were guests on the Debbie McCrory show near Halloween time in 2018. 

  • The Paranormal Rescue team performed a clearing and the phenomena at the hotel ceased for both the staff and guests.

The case is classed as resolved; however, the Paranormal Rescue team monitor the situation.

The Naughts and Crosses Pub .png

The Old Millhouse Inn Polperro, Cornwall

The Old Millhouse Inn in Polperro, Cornwall, England presented an extraordinary and intriguing case.
In 1976, the then-owners invited a friend to stay but unfortunately, her visit the great flood of ’76 swept through the village leaving death and mayhem in its wake.
When the flood struck, the visitor was trapped in the bar area and as the flood waters rose so rapidly it prevented her from escaping without the assistance of the landlord who was then swept away and drowned as he saved their guest.
Later, after the funeral, the visitor left The Old Millhouse and Polperro Village, only to be killed in a road accident on her way home.  It was as if death should have claimed her in the flood, but it was prevented, so death claimed her afterwards.
Since that time, The Old Millhouse Inn has produced many strange reports from owners, staff, and guests together with some baffling CCTV footage.

CCTV footage from The Old Millhouse showed many mysterious things including a shadow figure standing at the bar and of glasses being pushed off of the bar and landing on the floor.

The case was complex, but is now considered close: however, the Paranormal Rescue team monitor the situation. 

Overnight CCTV Footage of Suspected Paranormal Activity in The Old Millhouse Inn Polperro, Cornwall

(Videos 1 to 3 in real-time, close up, and slow motion respectively - from camera 5)

Look at the right hand side of the bar.

(Videos 4 to 6 in real-time, close up, and slow motion respectively from camera 6)

Look at the left hand side of the bar.

Suspected Paranormal Activity in front of Customers Mid-Evening in The Old Millhouse Inn Polperro, Cornwall

CCTV footage of the Landlord, Brian Morgan, the former owner of The Old Millhouse Inn who is behind the bar mid-evening when a glass gets mysteriously pushed by something unseen towards him and falls.

The case is currently classified as closed.

(Videos 1 to 3 in real-time, close up, and slow motion respectively - from camera 5)

Look at the left hand side of the bar.

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