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When we are not helping clients by solving mysteries and paranormal problems, to further our understanding from a scientific perspective, the Paranormal Rescue Team perform carefully chosen research into all kinds of paranormal phenomena, including UFOs, and cryptozoology.  

Our research investigations are typically chosen because a team member has identified a specific place or mystery of interest that we feel may yield some interesting new data and may help us to help our clients.

However, we also welcome tips and suggestions from credible third parties about suggested places and types of research we can perform.  Therefore, if you have or know of anything that is genuinely anomalous and may be worthy of investigation, then please contact us.  

Please be sure to supply as much detailed information as possible, together with any photo and/or video/audio evidence that you have.  We cannot promise to investigate everything submitted, but we do promise to consider all suggestions based on their merit.


The Old Millhouse Inn

Polperro, Cornwall,  England

After the long dry summer of 1976, Polperro suffered a catastrophic flood in the autumn killing one person who was connected to the then owners of The Old Millhouse Hotel and Pub, and also one of the owners as well.


Between 2016 and 19, as friends of the former owners, Brian and Rita Morgan, we were called in to investigate several times, and each time we did so it yielded some extremely interesting data.  We were also made privy to some remarkable video footage of what we believe to be paranormal activity caught on CCTV, together with a distinctive shadow figure standing at the bar.  


The result is that we believe that it is highly likely there is a connection between the person killed in the flood, the death of one of the owners, and the current haunting of the Old Millhouse.

The Palmer House

Sauk Rapids, Minnesota USA

The Palmer House is a historic hotel built in 1901 and expanded in 1916.  It has been heavily featured in several paranormal TV shows because various people have reported anomalous and disturbing activity there including disembodied voices, rapid temperature shifts, and doors slamming shut on their own. and the sound of a child bouncing a ball or running in the hallway.

We have investigated there many times both alone and as guests of the MPRS (the Minnesota Paranormal Research Society) led by Heidi Steffens and Tim Donahue.  


Notably, during an investigation alone in 2015, a full-body apparition was encountered by two independent witnesses together with vocal communication from the same.  Over the same night, there were also several instances of furniture that moved by itself with at least two independent witnesses to each occurrence.


Castle Street
Police Station

Bolton, Lancashire,  England

The purpose-built Bolton County Police Court, later Castle Street Police Station, was opened on the 6th of November 1876.  The structure contains a large courthouse and several jail cells below ground level.

We investigated there in 2020 as guests of the Para-Northern Team.  After adopting our rescue dog, we soon discovered that he is extremely sensitive to anomalous activity and can detect this even before any of our instruments, which later support his reactions and responses.  Upon entering the building, he led the group to an old jail cell, and once there he immediately began to distress due to choking.  


This was so severe that we had to get him outdoors and had considered calling emergency veterinary care.  However, the attack subsided with no recurrence.  We later discovered that the spot in the jail cell where his choking attack began was the precise location where many years ago a prisoner had committed suicide by hanging.

Terrace Mill

Glenwood, Minnesota, USA

The Terrace Watermill is all that remains of an old flour mill built in 1870 and operated into the mid-1890s.
We investigated there in 2017 as guests of Adrian Lee and Heather Morris of TIPS, The International Paranormal Society.  Before the investigation, Helen Renée Wuorio who has been developing her psychic abilities, focussed on envisioning if any significant events had ever taken place there.  She wrote down her thoughts and placed them in a sealed envelope. When the investigation concluded at 0330 hrs, the owners of the mill revealed startling corroborative information regarding what Helen had envisioned and data Adrian Lee had discovered during the investigation.


Bodmin Jail

Bodmin, Cornwall,  England

We were the keynote speakers at the Bodmin Jail paranormal conference 2018.  After our presentation, we were invited to investigate the imposing and menacing structure that was built in 1779.  Over the years, there have been many deaths there, some by suicide, some by inmates murdering other inmates, and even more by execution.  We discovered several hotspots in certain places in the building.  Later, we found that every hotspot we discovered corresponded to a death that had taken place there. 

Lilford Hall

Oundle, Northhamptonshire,  England

The oldest part of the 100-room Lilford Hall was built in 1495 as a Tudor building with a major Jacobean exterior extension added in 1635 and a Georgian interior adopted in the 1740s. 

The Haunting of Lilford Hall is one of the most baffling cases ever recorded of paranormal activity experienced simultaneously by multiple people. They experienced doors that refused to stay closed, they had debris thrown at them, and they had a door silently ripped away from the hinges and doorframe while they were in the next room.


There were even several recorded multi-witness apparitions of a man fitting Robert Browne’s description. It is believed by many that the ghost of Robert Browne, the “Grandfather” of the United States as a nation, still haunts Lilford Hall today.

Lilford Hall - Front facade.jpg

Urquhart Castle

Drumnadrochit, Inverness, Scotland

Urquhart Castle stands touching the waters of Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland, east of the village of Drumnadrochit.  The present ruins date from the 13th to the 16th centuries, but it is believed to have been the fortress of Bridei son of Maelchon, king of the northern Picts who was visited by St. Columba sometime between 562 and 586.  St. Columba was an Irish abbot and missionary evangelist credited with spreading Christianity in what is today Scotland who had the famous encounter with an unidentified animal that some have equated with the Loch Ness Monster in 565.  


It is said that he banished a ferocious "water beast" to the depths of the River Ness after it had killed a Pict and then tried to attack Columba's disciple who was named Lugne.

We investigated the castle in 2017 and it was highly active on both the EMF meters and ITC devices we had with us.  Communications were established at several points around the castle and each time, the ‘conversation’ was seemingly coherent and relevant to the location. 

William A. Irvin
Freight Ship

Duluth, Minnesota,  USA

SS William A. Irvin is an 8,240-ton, 610 ft 9.75 in (186.1757 m) freighter built in 1938 and home-ported at Duluth on Lake Superior, in the USA.

We investigated there several times and found several areas of the ship that produced the same anomalous readings on the equipment we were using every time.  Interestingly, the centre of much of the reported paranormal activity centred on Helen Renée Wuorio, especially while in the engine room area of the ship.  


Research later revealed an amazing and thereto unknown connection.  This was because William Wuori was killed as a result of a horrific accident with a burst steam pipe in that area of the ship, and he is a direct descendent from her father’s side of the family.


Battle of Culloden

Culloden Moor, Inverness, Scotland

The Battle of Culloden took place on the16 April 1746 on Culloden Moor, now a short drive from Inverness.  It was both the final battle of the 1745 Jacobite Rising and the last battle to be held on British soil.  


The Battle was both quick and bloody, leaving some 1,500 Jacobites dead or wounded, while government losses were lighter with 50 dead and 259 wounded.
We investigated the battleground in 2017 and again in 2020.  


Each time we established several coherent conversations via ITC devices and Ovilus that were relevant to our precise location on the battlefield and amongst the tombstones.

The Noughts &Crosses
Pub and Hotel

Polperro, Cornwall,  England

The Noughts and Crosses is a circa 500-year-old pub, in Polperro, Cornwall.  


Paranormal Rescue was asked to investigate a room where the service staff had reported some extremely disturbing activity that was interfering with their work and frightening them.  


During our investigation, the landlady was both shocked and shaken when the SB-11 spirit box directly answered one of her questions which we were also able to digitally record.

The Naughts and Crosses Pub .png
St Michael's Mount 08.jpg

St. Michael's Mount

Marazion, Cornwall,  England

St Michael's Mount is a tidal island in Cornwall and the home of the St Aubyn family since approximately 1650.  St Michael's Mount was a Cornish counterpart of Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, France with the same tidal island characteristics and conical shape.

Our investigations there revealed high levels of anomalous activity in a particularly infamous corridor part of the castle, and also in and around an old fireplace.  This will require a much more thorough and longer investigation, together with extensive research about those who lived and worked there before any results can be evaluated.

Battle of Birch Coulee

Morton, Minnesota,  USA

The Battle of Birch Coulee occurred on September 2nd, 1862, during the Dakota War of 1862 and was the deadliest for the United States forces during that war.

We investigated the battlefield with renowned paranormal investigator, Adrian Lee, and the highly acclaimed EVP expert, Heather Morris.  


During the investigation we each gathered extraordinary amounts of creditable data that we could later cross-reference to further add to the credibility of the data and pursue additional historical research.

The Battle of Birch Coulee 03.jpg
The Alamo 02 in 1854.jpg

The Alamo

San Antonio, Texas,  USA

The Battle of the Alamo and siege took place over 13 days from February 23 to March 6, 1836, between Mexican troops under President General Santa Anna and Texians led by the famous commanders James Bowie of Bowie knife fame, Davy Crockett who was known as The King of the Wild Frontier, and William B. Travis. 

We investigated The Alamo, which was a former mission, over two days in June 2017, and captured some fascinating data.  Notably, a seemingly coherent conversation was held over the ITC device with what seemed to be a member of the Texian militia.  


Interestingly, this communication took place over three different parts of The Alamo with what we believe was the same entity.  When pressed for a name, we eventually received a reply, “Davy” but we received no other information suggesting this was Davy Crockett.

HelL Roarin' Gulch & Mine

Butte, Montana,  


Hell Roarin’ Gulch and mine is a faithfully reconstructed old ghost town, circa 1890.


 In 2015, we investigated over two dozen structures in and around the area together with the mine entrances and head shafts.  This included a shaft connected to a 100 ft high headframe.  We also investigated the famous Orphan Girl Mine.

The data gathered during the investigations suggested a fascinating corroboration between the mining disasters and deaths that had taken place in each location over the years.

Hell Roarin Gulch 01.jpg


Redwood Falls, Minnesota, USA

In 2017, we were guests of Adrian Lee, and Heather Morris with the TIPS (The International Paranormal Society) team to explore the graves of the victims and supposed perpetrators on the 100th anniversary of the 1917 axe murders.  


The state museum had allowed us to take the murder weapon to each graveside as a trigger object.  The TIPS team deployed a comprehensive range of research equipment in and around the area to capture any information that might be forthcoming, no matter what format it was conveyed in.

However, things did not go to plan.  Instead of a paranormal investigation, our entire team was thrust into one of the most significant UFO / Unidentified Aerial Phenomena of modern times.  


This is because we had already deployed measuring equipment and were receiving data when each of the three consecutive encounters occurred.

Soudan underground Mine

Soudan, Minnesota, USA

The Soudan Underground is on the south shore of Lake Vermilion, in the Vermilion Mountain Range of Northern Minnesota.  It is Minnesota's oldest, deepest, and richest iron mine, and part of the mine now hosts the Soudan Underground Laboratory. 

We investigated there in 2018 focussing on the deepest and most remote section, level 27.  This is 2,341 feet (713.5 m) below the surface, with more than fifty miles of drifts, adits, and raises.  

We turned off all walkie-talkies and electrical equipment to stand in total darkness except for the ITC device, Ovilus, and EMF meters.  At that depth and location, no external radio signals could penetrate, no contaminating sound of any kind could be detected, and there was no electrical cabling for fixed lights.  


At that depth, 2,341 feet below the surface, technically only cosmic rays can penetrate where the neutrinos can leave a cosmic-ray record in buried rocks.

Amazingly, our ITC device picked up coherent replies to our questions supported by Ovilus data and EMF readings.  All where it should be impossible to receive any erroneous external communication, signals, or any other form of contamination.  

The data received via our ITC device and Ovilus etc. supported information we discovered when we researched fatalities and accidents in that section of the mine.

Soudan Mine 03 Headframe.jpg

Castlerigg Stone Circle

The Lake District, Cumbria, England

We investigated Castlerigg Stone Circle in the heart of the English Lake District on the winter solstice of 2020.  


During our day-long vigil and investigation, we found several anomalies including certain stones which emitted baffling EMF high readings.  


Even more mysteriously, when we later returned to the same stone and position, there were different or even no readings being emitted.  This, therefore, suggests that the EMF readings varied according to the time of day or night.

The Sheldon Theatre

Red Wing, Minnesota, USA

The Sheldon Theatre is a historic performance venue that was built in 1904.  In 2017 we investigated there as guests of Adrian Lee, and Heather Morris with the TIPS (The International Paranormal Society) team.  


We split into two teams to perform an experiment, one investigated the large area immediately below the stage, the other remained on the stage to investigate there.

Both groups used a wide array of equipment including ITC, an Ovilus, a voice recorder, a stills camera, a full spectrum video camera, and emf meters.  Therefore, audio and video recordings were made simultaneously above and below the stage.

The group below the stage physically heard and also captured on the recording devices noises coming from the stage above.  These were of muffled voices, footsteps, and what sounded like dragging furniture on the floorboards.


 Amazingly, the video and audio recordings performed simultaneously on the stage showed no movement from the group there whom all sat in complete silence for the entire time of the experiment.

Shedlon Theatre front credit McGhiever.j

York Investigation

Yorkshire, England

We have investigated York many times during the day, and overnight as well.  Almost every time we investigate, we gather some new and fascinating data of some kind.  


We have been particularly impressed by the data gathered on our ITC equipment, Ovilus, and EMF devices over several investigations at the Treasurer's House and the Plague House.  


The Treasurer’s House haunting was made famous by Harry Martindale in 1953 when he encountered a legion of Roman soldiers walking through the cellar walls right past him.

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