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Paranormal Rescue

The World's First and Premier Professional International Paranormal Emergency Service

Per Mare, Per Terram, Utrinque Paratus; Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

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“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Sherlock Holmes in chapter 6 of the book, “The Sign of Four”

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1890.

Paranormal Rescue is unlike all typical paranormal investigation groups on TV and social media because we do not go to old spooky buildings and strange places trying to find paranormal activity; instead, 

Paranormal Activity Finds Us

Paranormal Rescue is a pioneering global non-profit paranormal emergency service, with operations spanning continents. From our central headquarters in the UK to our strategic base in central USA's Minnesota, and augmented by a network of proficient partner teams dispersed across various countries, we are committed to researching and addressing anomalies globally. 


Our core mission centres around aiding individuals, homeowners, and proprietors of commercial establishments, hotels, organisations, and outdoor locales in their quest for practical resolutions to perplexing, unsettling, and occasionally hazardous paranormal phenomena. Often stepping in when conventional channels such as the church or clergy express hesitancy or outright denial, we offer a solution-focused approach. Our prowess as a sought-after resource extends to both professional and amateur paranormal investigation groups, who frequently seek our guidance when confronted with challenges that lie beyond their scope. Additionally, we engage in the rigorous training of amateur paranormal groups, employing a boot camp-style methodology to elevate their standards of scientific investigation.

Our identity and modus operandi find resonance in a distinctive analogy of a real-life fusion akin to Lockwood & Co/Ghostbusters intertwined with the ethos of  Thunderbirds' International Rescue and The Equalizer, all enriched with a dash of Top Gear/Grand Tour Special flair. Adding to this eclectic mix is the occasional involvement of our highly trained hound, evoking a hint of Scooby-Doo charm.


Comprised of an elite cadre of science-grounded professionals, parapsychologists, and researchers, our team is meticulously assembled. Our ranks are filled through recruitment from our private investigative unit, Prime Paranormal, or by identifying individuals who exhibit exceptional capabilities, possess specific scientific qualifications, or stand as authorities within distinct domains. Moreover, our global reach is fortified by strategic partnerships with like-minded teams committed to scientific research and investigation. A fascinating aspect of our core team makeup is the unintentional yet harmonious 50/50 distribution between British and American members.

It's important to note that we exercise discretion in client confidentiality and selecting cases, as addressing every inquiry is simply not feasible. Prospective clients are required to initiate a request for assistance and subsequently furnish us with a comprehensive dossier substantiating their application. The intricate nature of resolving mysteries necessitates a wealth of detailed information, a requirement exclusively fulfilled by those who aspire to become our clients.

It may be a cliché to quote the classic Ghostbusters movie line, “who ya' gonna' call…?” 
However, the stark reality is, whom do you call for help?

Paranormal Activity Happens Everywhere 24/7

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Hamlet, Act 1 by William Shakespeare, 1599.

It may come as a surprise to many that paranormal activity is not limited to eerie, antiquated, peculiar locations that only come alive in the darkness of night. In truth, such occurrences are rather common, transpiring 24/7, often unnoticed, in various types and ages of buildings, outdoor spaces, aeroplanes, ships, and even shipwrecks. Regardless of the setting, these incidents are consistently met with a sense of profound dread by those who experience them.  

Consider hotels as an illustrative example. Here, a delicate line exists between possessing the quaint allure and marketable appeal of a friendly, resident ghost, and the altogether different scenario of hotel patrons being subjected to malevolent and malicious phenomena that incite terror.  


An astonishing testament to the prevalence of paranormal phenomena is found in a report indicating that Italy alone witnesses over half a million exorcisms annually. The Vatican currently maintains a roster of at least 250 exorcists actively operating in more than 30 countries, with this number steadily increasing. It's intriguing to note that belief in any mainstream religion inherently involves a belief in what is commonly referred to as the supernatural.

Paranormal Rescue confronts troubling and inexplicable anomalies head-on, striving to identify practical solutions to perplexing paranormal quandaries. In this pursuit, the Paranormal Rescue team diligently compiles any scientific data arising from their endeavours.


This data aids in research, fostering a comprehensive comprehension of the diverse array of anomalous phenomena reported. The collation of information also extends to Project Half-Life, a groundbreaking initiative with the potential to revolutionise our comprehension of specific paranormal phenomena. Interestingly, there are manifold connections between the UFO/UAP phenomena and paranormal occurrences.

To explore more of our activities, simply navigate to the 'Cases' tab on the toolbar. However, it's important to note that only a fraction of our cases are featured, and we accord utmost respect to our clients' right to anonymity. Roughly 98% of reported paranormal incidents globally can typically be rationally elucidated by scientific explanation. Yet, there remains an enigmatic average of circa 2% defying current rational understanding. It's these particular cases that captivate our attention the most.

Paranormal Rescue has garnered significant attention within both British and American spheres, as well as in international print, online, and broadcast TV media. Our coverage spans various esteemed outlets, including BBC News, ITV's This Morning Show, Newsweek (USA), The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Daily Mirror newspapers, Reader's Digest, Chat Magazine, the Beast Seekers TV show's Snapchat (episode 18), and the Hubbard Network (USA), among others.

Should you or your organisation seek to engage our services, simply click the 'Need Help/Get in Touch' button below or visit the 'Need Help?' page. Alternatively, access our online contact form in the footer. Our stringent selection process ensures that we exclusively collaborate with the most intriguing clients, addressing cases of suitable significance.


Paranormal Rescue?

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Coming soon, we plan to have a 24/7 call service. 

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